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Women Have Been Misinformed

Look around and notice how women are depicted as a victim and powerless without the presence of a man. Gender hierarchy only produces inequalities found in our social circles which impacts a woman's ability to be a top financial earner and leader within the collective. When you observe society as a whole you'll discover a battlefield of issues that can be resolved with compassion and empathy. This peaceful energy of compassion and empathy can only come from a woman. Her calming and nurturing energy brings about peace within. When you encounter a woman with this type of light, it feels yummy and can be contagious. Women that are powered up with this type of light are a great example of a collective consciousness that spreads love instead of hate. Think about it, when women get petty and malicious against other women it feeds into the patriarchal agenda of destructive energy. Women with this type of destructive energy have been seen on social media performing acts of hate to other women for no good reason, and now they've made a name for themselves as KAREN. When you look into the eyes and hear the words of a KAREN, you'll pick up on her self-hatred. It's not you she hates, it's herself. Many households teach and support hateful agendas because it's been passed down from generation to generation, but we as women can be reprogrammed because of our natural rhythm to be nurturing.

When women have love in their hearts they can take their internal power back instead of following a wicked agenda to self-destruct. Hateful energy will suck your essence, but also your physical appearance will change for the worst. Do your research and conduct your experiments to understand this war-like behavior that KAREN'S has been fed over their lifetime. When you start loving yourself, one step is to dissect those mental parasites that have women under a spell of hate. How will you reprogram yourself this year to love yourself more?

How will you reprogram this year?

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