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Let's Jumpstart Your Podcast!

You don't have to be an award-winning producer or director to understand what a good show looks and sounds like.

At the end of the day, it's your vision, your passion, and your dedication to start recording and editing your Podcast project, even if you haven't found your tone of voice. 


Fran Marie has worked in media for 20-plus years and knows about the overwhelming feelings that arise when it's time to crack the microphone. When things get hectic, hire Fran Marie as your professional host so you can start enjoying the fruits of your labor. 


3 Reasons To Hire Fran Marie To Host Your Podcast

  1. Maintains a high level of professionalism, representing your brand or event with credibility and poise.

  2. Understands the nuances of timing, tone, and delivery, ensuring a polished presentation.

  3. Fran brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to enhance the overall audience experience.

Get Your Copy Now!
Your Guide To Media Exposure
Prepare Pitch Perform

This comprehensive guide is crafted to help you prepare, pitch, and perform outstanding media interviews, drawing from the expertise of a media host and segment producer.
Media interviews offer a unique opportunity to showcase what distinguishes your company from the competition, but first, you need to navigate past the media gatekeepers.

When hiring a public relations firm is out of your budget, consider these three tips, or download a copy of Your Guide To Media Exposure. 

  1. Create a media list of emails & address media personnel by their first and last name. 

  2. Familiarize yourself with media terminology before pitching.

  3. Develop a media calendar to time your pitches effectively.


Demonstrate your expertise and enhance your credibility by sharing valuable insights on industry trends and innovations. Tap into Fran Marie’s extensive 20-plus-year media experience with her eBook titled: Your Guide To Media Exposure
Prepare Pitch Perform.

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