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Introducing Fran Marie
As Your Host/Emcee! 

Ask anyone who has hired Fran Marie to host their event or sat in the audience, the reviews describe her as the epitome of professionalism and charisma.


She brings an unparalleled energy and sophistication to your event. With over 20 years of experience as a radio personality and public speaker, Fran Marie is known for her engaging presence and ability to connect with audiences of all sizes.


Whether she’s hosting a corporate gala, moderating a panel discussion, or emceeing a community fundraiser, Fran Marie’s professionalism and infectious enthusiasm makes her the perfect choice to elevate the audience experience. 

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Book Fran Marie For The Next Big Event!

Check Fran Marie's availability to host your next big event.

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Get Your Copy Now!
Your Guide To Media Exposure
Prepare Pitch Perform

This comprehensive guide is crafted to help you prepare, pitch, and perform outstanding media interviews, drawing from the expertise of a media host and segment producer.
Media interviews offer a unique opportunity to showcase what distinguishes your company from the competition, but first, you need to navigate past the media gatekeepers.

When hiring a public relations firm is out of your budget, consider these three tips, or download a copy of Your Guide To Media Exposure. 

  1. Create a media list of emails & address media personnel by their first and last name. 

  2. Familiarize yourself with media terminology before pitching.

  3. Develop a media calendar to time your pitches effectively.


Demonstrate your expertise and enhance your credibility by sharing valuable insights on industry trends and innovations. Tap into Fran Marie’s extensive 20-plus-year media experience with her eBook titled: Your Guide To Media Exposure
Prepare Pitch Perform.

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