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Should You Give Up Or Give It Your All?

Since everything is a choice you might consider challenging yourself to go after or finish a project or goal. In the process, it's normal to have doubts as we conquer our dreams, goals, and desires. We have to train the next generation of daughters that in all categories of life, they'll have to pick and choose their battles. Yes, merely existing on planet earth makes us suit up for mental and physical combat. In many instances, the battlefield is testing her intention and intuition. On certain mental battlefield occasions, pause for the cause to strategize, or speed up to break through brick walls like a bull in a china shop. We might perhaps have a few tears well up that need to be released even in public places. When the rubber meets the road, choose your cadence of how you'll glide through or jump hurdles. I have had and seen a plethora of instances where people will NOT see your gifts and talents when struggling to accomplish something of value. Not everyone will be suited for you, so in those cases, do you give up, or give it your all? Learning the exercise of strutting away from certain situations is good practice as we formulate new strategies to complete things of value to us.

When your value is being discounted and you're not having a sale, strut away. Your precious life shouldn't be wasted on people, places, and things that don't appreciate your presence. In a woman's life, she will be tested emotionally, in her career, financially, and in her beliefs. What battles do you tend to accept and which ones do you automatically strut away from?

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