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Welcome to The Fran Marie Experience! Her roller coaster ride takes you through coaching, training and talks cultivated from a 20-plus media career and midlife journey.
Fran Marie's second career as an award winning syndicated radio host makes a great fit for new spokespersons in need of polishing their "PROFESSIONA-ALITY" before appearing on stage or platforms with hot microphones and live cameras. 
Another offering inside Fran Marie's Seek and Evolve series is jumpstarting her signature PEP RALLIES. Fran Marie has been facilitating pep-rallies for women going through midlife stages and phases who refuse mentally and physically enrolling in the school of midlife crisis. Now Fran Marie is taking pep-rallies into office spaces to boost morale and moods.

Step inside Fran Marie's Seek and Evolve series and explore offerings: 

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"What version of yourself are you living right now? This is a good time for reappraisal of who you've become after a pandemic and where you want to go in this lifetime. When we're distracted by what others say, do and think of us, we lose a bit of our precious energy. Our self-value has to be reset like a clock to get back on track." 
Fran Marie

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Fran Marie Wise Witty & Zenlike


When companies care about the well-being of their employees they plan impromptu activities to boost morale around the office. Good managers with an open-door policy know the importance of positive exchanges, but when energy levels decline it's time to look for untraditional ways to pump energy into the atmosphere. Book a PEP-RALLY for your group facilitated by Fran Marie. 

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Seek & Evolve before on-air, on-stage and Zoom presentations to show-off your best profession-ality. Cameras and microphones have a strange way of illuminating everything we're feeling from the inside, out. Performance anxiety creates doubt and regret at the same time. Fran Marie coaches C-Suite Executives and Medical Professionals before showtime.


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Who Endorses Fran Marie? 

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"Working and watching Francene Marie over the past 12 years is a delightful world class experience.  She knows how to hone in on the needs of the audience and relate, instead of talking at them."


 (Mark Weber - Managing Partner & C0-Founder Croixstone Consulting)

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Hi, I'm Fran Marie!

Sprinting through 20-plus years in media has given me once in a lifetime opportunities to connect with people via radio, TV as well as film. My claim to fame is being an audience enhancer boosting morale virtually and in-person.

I coach C-Suite Executives and Medical Professionals improve their spokesperson skills before showing up for
on-air and off-air exposure. Helping non-profits connect with their audiences is another service I offer. 

In 2018 I began offering PEP-RALLIES to women during their midlife journey. Now these signature PEP-RALLIES are on the menu for companies to take advantage of when planning appreciation events to boost office morale. 

When it's time to spice up your stage and microphone, hire Fran Marie for your next event.