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Learn how to prepare, pitch & perform good media interviews to grow your brand.

Everyone is obtaining their verbal market share, why not you?  

When a public relations firm is not in the budget to introduce you to members of the media, there are three more ways. Befriend media before you need them, make every mistake and regret every moment. Or learn unspoken rules and protocols from Fran Marie a 20-plus-year media veteran. Her eBook titled Your Guide To Media Exposure takes you through three modules of preparing, pitching, and performing. 

Fran Marie

Meet Fran Marie 

Award-winning syndicated radio host and producer,

speaker, spokesperson trainer, author, and event host.   

Fran Marie Media of the Francene Marie Show works in the self-expression business inspiring readers, listeners, and clients. She shares over 20-plus years of radio hosting and producing experience with new spokespersons and podcasters.  Fran Marie is also the creator & facilitator of My New Strut Pep Rallies for women strutting into their midlife revolution.   

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