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Midlife Adventures

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Midlife is sort of like adolescence because the possibilities are endless.

As seasoned women of a particular age has to strut away from rules, guidelines and traditions that's been holding us hostage and confused.

Spy On Your Life!

A great question to ask ourselves on a daily basis is, are we living the best version of who we are, or can be? Taking inventory of the people, places and things in our life gives us an opportunity to spy on ourselves. There's always some habits and behaviors to free up space for new adventures. As women we have the ability to stop, drop and strut into or away from situations to benefit us. While taking inventory during the syping process, identify the self saboteur that might be spraying its invisible mist inside our thought patterns holding us hostage. Yes, fear is like a stinky perfume, it's expensive and infused with heavy amounts of procrastination and doubt.

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