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Optimize Your Media Exposure

Lesson #1
When appearing on TV shows, recording radio interviews or Zoom call recordings, remember that all microphones are HOT and every camera is LIVE, at all times! 
Press Conference Microphones

Your company's brand is the identity, but needs a voice from a designated spokesperson to deliver soundbites and successful interviews. Is your executive director and teammates ready to go live when media reaches out? Don’t ruin your career or business reputation because you're afraid to train-up. 

 Fran Marie Media is a boutique training portal for: 
C-Suite Executives | Medical Professionals | Novel Podcast Host    

Spokesperson Coaching

Spokesperson coaching packages are ideal for C-Suite Executives and Medical Professionals with a desire to take their brand messaging to the next level. 

We all have a percentage of speakers anxiety known as Glossophobia. Any deep anxiety or dreadful thoughts will always show up in our body language, voice patterns and performances. 

Things to consider:

  • Cringing when you hear your voice

  • Ways to claim your verbal market-share

  • Speak media when pitching news outlets

  • Learn how to show off your profession-ality

  • Monitoring the coverage your company receives

  • Discover how to connect, engage, & convert the audience

 + Train for 30-days or more  
 + Meeting once a week 
 + Receive pop-up support 
 + Assessments & homework