Francene Marie Testimonials

 "Thank you to Francene Marie Morris (Radio Show Host + founder of Fran Marie Media) for contributing her time and talents co-hosting our personal branding workshops to grow careers and professional development online encounters". Check out the Q & A episode with Francene and Emily Lopez MA Division Director, Croixstone Solutions here." 


“Francene has a most effective way of transitioning the conversation in a seamless way that guides the interviewee comfortably through different topic areas”. “She has a style that lightens up the interview and uplifts the conversation which keeps it fun and interesting for the audience”

"Francene Marie has applied her vivacious “on stage” energy as an Audience Enhancer for the CRVA  engaging the audience, helping us celebrate our employees, and our collaboration with the Spectrum team highlighting customer experience".

(Director of Customer Experience)

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