My New Strut Virtual Soiree Summit was created by Francene Marie, especially for the Mommy, the Entrepreneur and the Coach who encourages others to do their best, but desires a boost of confidence for herself. Now is the perfect time to raise and discover your life vibration. 


My New Strut is all about:

  • Spicing up our presence to show off our NEW profession-ality

  • Discovering & celebrating our multidimensional selves

  • Encouraging the transformation of living outside the normal realm and routines 

  • My New Strut is perfect for the woman who desires a virtual infusion of positivity 

  • Let's transform as we soar, slip and coast towards a NEW STRUT


If you're yearning appreciation, more self-confidence and courage to shake-up your life, then register for the One-Day 3 hour Virtual Soiree Summit! 


If you've realized that this lifetime is a complicated puzzle of surprises at times, let's reboot and learn simple ways of shifting into the NEW YOU with a NEW STRUT you're wishing to come into your life. 


As your Virtual Soiree Esteem Enhancer, Francene Marie will share 4-P's that help to guide your imagination, intention, intellect and intuitive nature towards a more actionable outcome. We all want to hit the jackpot in 2020 with our unique self and gifts, and now is your time!

My New Strut 2.0 Virtual Soiree

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