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Updated: Jan 5

You are what you think

Research shows that how we think about ourselves effect outcomes. #franmariemedia

Alter-Egos Eventually Become Allies

“Become childlike and open up some channels you closed when becoming an adult” - Francene Marie

At some point you'll come to grips with how life has either tossed, turned or tumbled you around emotionally, physically, spiritually or religiously. What is your whatever? Unfortunately we can't erase the bad, but we can choose to re-frame emotionally how we respond. Re-framing how we emotionally respond to what has happened to us determines how rapidly we can move on. Don't forget that responses start with thought or the lack thereof, so the more we can re-frame, reroute, reprogram and or realize who we can become in a state of feeling joy and bliss. #brandnewyou

Alter-Ego Time

Right brain creatives and artistic thinkers are holding on to the last bit or possibly enormous amounts of creativity, while analytical and methodical thinkers are doing the same, Whether living on the right or left side of the mind, what about living a wild and daring life that excites you? Living it now instead of waiting to go on vacation or days off for a stay-cation. If you had and alter-ego who and how would he or she act in public?

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

“How can you show off your style while telling a better story about yourself? Look in the mirror everyday and change your future” -Francene Marie

I've been working in radio broadcasting for 2 decades and noticed the increase of people wanting to get their story out into the hemisphere, versus in the 80's & 90's when people ran away from shedding light on their creative agency. I've created a workshop designed to hold space for your creative agent to flourish, but first you must identify how many alter-egos you're working with. I've created a workshop titled My New Strut with women's groups desiring something fresh to present to their members. Reach out to book Francene Marie for

a workshop or speaking engagement.

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