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Updated: Jan 5

Once we manifest what does maintenance look like?

There's a lot of anxiety surrounding money and manifesting it into our lives. Some people are lucky enough to attract, grow it and pass down a generation, while others scrap and scramble all their lives just to make ends meet.

“Speak as if you already have it and become a magnet for more of it.” -Francene Marie

Manifesting is like a DIY Project

How we personally perceive money is part of the success of attaining it or it's scarcity. Treat money like a DIY project with a to do list of how much money, when and why do you need it? Staying positive and optimistic so that money flows easily and constantly is a practice of gratitude and prosperity.


  • What is your belief about money?

  • How much do you deserve the money you're asking for in the near future?

  • What are you going to use the money for in the near future?

  • How much money do you need?

  • Do you have enough to save and invest or share with others?

Keep adding to your list when questions come to mind.

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