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Until further notice everyone has the ability to create a Podcast while having a bit of fun hosting and producing it. I got into this radio business 23 years ago and vowed to always enjoy myself so each guests has a unique experience when they're in my presence. My goalFor instance when guest come in to record a show segment they know to expect an escape from life-stuff when you're in my company and vice versa, like my friends from Girl Scouts Hornets' Nest Council.

Words to the wise: These days radio interviews are just like TV interviews, and Podcast the same; they all pick up all the moods swimming through your head. If your mood is gloomy when recording, it shows up to the ears that hear it. Lets say your interview is about child abduction,now that's a serious matter, but you can have a compelling soft vocal delivery without the gigles, but just enough life throughout the show to not to put your audience to sleep. I'll talk more about audio being theater of the mind in my next blog. The world is your osyter, so talk about whatever your heart and brilliant mind leads you to do!

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