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Either we manage time, or time manages us, and honestly, which one is better? I'm highlighting the topic because I personally wonder about it and talk to lots of people who aren't happy with their marriage, financial and career status and then there's the other population who has made their wealth, experienced the love of their life and made their career mark in the business world, but they're a little sad inside for many legit reasons.


Being happy is a hard status to maintain, but fluctuating between the slippery slope of happy, sad, mad and glad seems like the new emotional roller coaster as we try to be productive. Depending on the time of year or season I fall between lazy and busy mode. Sometimes laziness allows us to look around and monitor what we've accomplished and what needs accomplishing. Allowing the imagination to visualize what needs accomplishing when things get rough, hard and impossible to bear, might bring some positive and productive energy into your personal space. The moral to this story is to stop spending valuable time stewing in what we don't have, did have and wish we could have.