My New strut PEP-RALLY 

MY NEW STRUT is a revolutionary self-care movement for ladies who are ready and willing to put a pep in her midlife strut on a quarterly basis to encourage a seek & evolve mentality. Join Fran Marie as she leads small networks of women through the NEW STRUT process. Plugin and register for this Seek & Evolve Experience. Our mindset is the menu for our lives! 

Fran Marie
"I woke up at age 59 and realized the world around us will try to define women as subservient beings in TV, movies and books. To interrupt that energy we must plugin and recalibrate our mindset, appearance & desires. Let’s jumpstart the midlife journey and write new life scripts. Join a PEP RALLY event or schedule a PEP TALK."

Love ....FranMarie 

How many more studies about women do we have to publish in order for the narrative to make women equal in society? The truth is, women are not equal, they are superior in life vibration and dimension. As she slowly breaks the cycle and owns her new identity, the world will change! 


How? By zoning into her zone of genius, and sharpening the senses inside her toolbox. She's also going to stop paying emotional ransom to people, places, and things that drain her essence and feed the self-saboteur.

Recognize, Recalibrate and Reboot with Fran Marie!

What's Covered In 2-hour Virtual PEP RALLY Boot-Camp

  • The cost of emotional ransom 

  • Midlife fantasies 

  • Midlife movie script

  • Your layers & levels 

  • Alter-ego vs self-saboteur 

  • Use 4-EYE senses 

  • Drills and bonus content

2021 & 2022 Theme:
Stop Paying Emotional Ransom & Plug-into Your New Midlife STRUT! 

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