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with Fran Marie!

Many of us are operating inside an "active" burnout! 

When decision makers at the office want to mobilize the team, they plan activities to boost moods and morale. These varied events for staff members can take place on-campus, off-campus and virtually.  When it's time to plug-in a date and time for one of Fran Marie's signature INSPIRE-ME PEP-RALLIES, keep reading.

Our active-burnout comes from many sources, from workflow, downsizing and personal lives. The old rule of NOT bringing personal lives to work flew out the window during the pandemic because of it's impact on individuals and families. When companies have their ear to the ground they can sense when co-workers need a boost of encouragement to break-up the tension in the air. When was the last time you offered staff members something fun, inspiring and personalized?

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Contact Fran Marie Media to plan a theme for your PEP-RALLY:


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After the GREAT RESIGNATION companies found themselves looking for ways to nurture their staff and build office morale. When companies strategically implement caring touchpoints for staff members it results in a more productive and inclusive workplace setting.

Contact Fran Marie Media to plan a theme for your PEP-RALLY:

 How many co-workers are burned-out? 


Why Book An Office RALLY-RALLY? 


  1. Co-workers crave positive interactions to get through the day

  2. Your employees want to feel valued and appreciated

  3. Healthier relationships with managers & directors

  4. Unexpected yet genuine recognition

  5. Flexible & fun culture


Flip the script in your office space by offering motivators internally or externally. The American Psychological Association conducted a survey and discovered that employees "feeling valued at work was linked to better physical and mental health". But it doesn't take a survey to reveal the obvious fact that co-workers are burned-out whether working physically in the office or from home.


Flip the script with a INSPIRE ME PEP RALLY

hosted by Fran Marie



The fastest growing trend is hiring someone on the outside to come in and uplift and shift energy with fun and inspiring messages. That's where Fran Marie fits into your workplace puzzle piece of delivering positive interactive exchanges to your co-working audience in-person of virtually.

PEP-RALLIES are conducted in-person and virtually for:

  • 45-minutes

  • 1-hour

  • 1.5 hours

  • 2.0 hours

  • Book this event for (ladies only) 

  • Book this event for (management only)

  • Book this event for co-ed groups 


"Keeping the team motivated has been more of a challenge since March 2019 as companies downsized and restructured. The office environment shifted and spiraled downhill due to employee burnout. The good news is a few companies quickly understood the concept of caring about the well-being of employees. If your company recognizes and appreciates you, congratulations! Let's talk about boosting moods and morale in your workspace." 

Fran Marie